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dilluns, 27 de novembre de 2017


Here you have an example of the RELIEF AND WATERS of the African continent. Your version might be different, that's not a problem. It is just for you to have a good example.
Homework for tomorrow is: Describe America.

Talking about the distribution of the relief, we can observe in the north the Atlas mountains and the Sahara desert (which covers most of the northern part of the African continent); and in the south the Ethiopian Highlands, Mount Kilimanjaro, Kalahari desert and Drakensberg Mountains. The highest peak in Africa is the Kilimanjaro with 5895m. Moreover, the most important island in this continent is Madagascar.

As far as seas and oceans are concerned, the ones which bath Africa are the Red Sea, the Mediterranean Sea (which is an enclosed sea), the Atlantic Ocean, the Indian Ocean and the Antarctic Ocean.

Regarding the lakes and rivers, we can find the Victoria Lake, which is located in the Rift Valley. Also, the African rivers are long because their source is far away from the sea. The longest river in Africa is the Nile. Other important rivers are Congo and Niger, which flow into the Atlantic Ocean. African rivers carry a high volume of water because it rains a lot.

The map shows different colours that depict the altitude of the relief. The red and brown colours represent the highest altitude (more than 2000 metres), and the green colour represents the lowest altitude of the relief (under 200 metres). Also we can see red triangles, which depict the mountain summits. Rivers are represented by blue lines.

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